Chapter 16

Download Here How do we respond when everything is going wrong. What do we do when the enemy is at our doorstep. Do we respond like the Israelites when first coming to the Promised Land? “There are giants! We can’t go in.” Perhaps we feel like little David before a … Continue reading

The Girl Who Was Alone

Download Here A Sermon Based on Romans 8:31-39 The Girl Who Was Alone My name was Alone. Women in their early twenties, unless they have teardrop bodies and prefect skin, often feel this way. I didn’t just feel it skin deep—I lived my name, cringed when others said it, breathed … Continue reading

Beautiful Feet of the King

Download Here Additional Resources: Sermon inspired by this video. How would you summarize Jesus teachings? Golden rule, love your neighbour, love you enemies? How we summarize the teaching of Jesus, tells us a lot of who we think Jesus is. Is he a police officer out to enforce the law? … Continue reading

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