Beautiful Feet of the King

Download Here Additional Resources: Sermon inspired by this video. How would you summarize Jesus teachings? Golden rule, love your neighbour, love you enemies? How we summarize the teaching of Jesus, tells us a lot of who we think Jesus is. Is he a police officer out to enforce the law? … Continue reading

Chapter 7 – The Battle Begins

Download Here Note: The below notes are not a full manuscript, but rather the original notes used in preaching the sermon. Chapter 7 God’s strength, not ours, gives us victory Introduction A barracks full of weapons does not win the war. Fighting is all about organization, whether it be a … Continue reading

Chapter 6 – Wandering

Download Here Introduction This life is full of opportunities to complain. If we look hard enough, we can always find some bugs under the rug, mud on the walls of our heart, and dust plaguing the corners of our mind. No matter how polished the front side of that silver … Continue reading

Love Lost in Translation

Download Here Introduction Sometimes things can get lost in the translation. Sometimes love can get lost in translation. Men and women don’t understand each other perfectly, but an even greater problem is that we don’t love each other perfectly. Men have an incredible desire to love someone, and women want … Continue reading

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