Our Mission in Cuba

CUBA 2012

MAINKirkland Lake Brethren in Christ Community Church is excited to have a group of 12 individuals who will be joining the work team to continue work on the ministry training center in Palmira, Cuba. The mission trip begins on November 4th and ends on the 18th. This partnership project will develop a centre where Cuban pastors and lay persons can come together and be trained to spread the good news of Jesus our Saviour across the country. Upon their return this page will be updated with new photos and a report of the trip.

In 1954, the Brethren in Christ began evangelistic work in Cuba. Soon a church was planted in Cuatro Caminos, near Havana, with extension contacts in several other areas. North American missionaries departed in 1960. Despite challenging circumstances, the Brethren in Christ Church in Cuba was alive and growing under the direction of committed Cuban brothers and sisters. Soon, a second congregation, in Nazareno, was officially recognized by the government.

Since 1976, there have been occasional visits to the Cuban churches by North American and Nicaraguan Brethren in Christ church leaders and mission administrators. While missionaries will likely not return to Cuba, evangelistic and nurture visits from other Brethren in Christ conferences provide encouragement and support. New leadership emerged beginning in the mid-1990s that has brought renewed life and vitality.

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